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Accu Weight-Loss is an outgrowth of requests from patients to have a program that offers a natural, rapid, and healthy weight loss. The desire was to keep it simple and provide a method of keeping it off after a weight goal was achieved.

In order to accomplish this mission, the program founders turned to Chinese medicine. Two time-honored methods were researched and combined with a nutritional protocol and the program took shape.

Using Chinese herbal technology, the process for making the "AccuBeads" was developed. In addition, Chi Gong was added to the process to enhance the mind-body dimension. The three components: diet, "AccuBeads," and Chi Gong breathing were now ready for field trials.

Twenty-two subjects were chosen to participate:

  • Acupressure group: Six subjects were given a program of just "AccuBeads" with no other modifications to their life style.
  • Diet group: Six subjects were given a food protocol with no other modifications to their life style.
  • Total program group: Sixteen subjects were provided with the total program of "AccuBeads," diet, and Chi Gong.

During the thirteen week trials, the average loss for the Total Program group was 46 pounds. Not one person in the Diet Group was able to complete two full weeks; all dropped out (assumption is that without the acupressure beads, they were literally starving). The Acupressure Group lost an average of three pounds during their 13-week trial. Two thoughts emerged from these trials:

  • Weight loss without the "AccuBeads" slowed the body's metabolism.
  • Acupressure caused that group to be more aware of their food intake causing them to modify their habits, which contributed to their weight loss.
  • The "AccuBeads" appear to signal the hypothalamus that food satisfaction has been achieved and thus clients do not experience hunger. It also appears to signal the body that it is not calorie deficient but is getting all the basic fat, protein, and amino acids necessary. Therefore, clients are losing mainly fat, but little muscle or organ mass. The Chi Gong appears to enhance weight loss as well as increased energy by increasing the body's ability to use oxygen.

No medical contraindications have emerged since the program began. In fact, just the opposite has occurred. Clients and their doctors report reductions in blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides.

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